To support the heating aspect for lovers of hookah of any level, thanks to the exceptional quality of our charcoal product.



№.1 Creation of an efficient logistics chain capable of meeting the growing need for stable supply of high quality coconut charcoal to end customer.


№.2 Developing mutually beneficial relationships with key Indonesian partners in the production and processing of coconut charcoal.


№.3 Continual investment in research and development of innovative methods for processing and production of coconut charcoal.


№.4 Using environmentally-friendly and ecologically sourced raw material to minimize our carbon footprint.









cubes produced per day

of coconut charcoal shells processed per month

countries around the world

distributors and wholesalers



Winner of 2018 “Best Charcoal” nomination in the prestigious 2018 John Calliano Award, a regular participant in International Shisha and Hookah Expo’s, a leader in wholesale sales and the developer of the largest coconut charcoal in the world.


Shaman Coal is a famed producer of coconut charcoal, respected by professional hookah masters. Launched in 2015 in the European and Russian hookah market, the image of a powerful and mystical Shaman has become synonymous with the word “Quality”.


Sourcing of high-calorific coconut shell occurs on the Indonesian islands of Kalimantan and Sulawesi. There, in the realm of pristine nature, is where the origin of the best coconut charcoal begins. Production and processing of the charcoal at own factory in South Jakarta, was the first step towards the goal: the production of the hottest premium coconut charcoal.


Fastly outpacing existing coconut charcoal producers, the brand Shaman Coal® became a household name among hookah masters and hookah lovers in Europe, Unites States, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the CIS, and many other countries. Every batch of charcoal undergoes extremely strict quality control tests, and those that fail to meet the rigorous standards are discarded, ensuring only the best batches of charcoal enter the market.


Shaman Coal formally entered the Russian market with 22 mm and 25 mm sizes and gained huge traction in Europe with their  26 mm charcoal. Among the latest achievements of the company is the production of the largest coconut charcoal in the world, a whopping XXXL size of 31 mm. The company was also winner of John Calliano 2018 Award in the category “The Best Charcoal for Hookah”, considered the most prestigious and sought-after award in the hookah industry.


To this day, Shaman Coal is exported to more than 20 countries, and the network of distributors and wholesale partners has outgrown the mark of 300 companies. This makes Shaman Coal one of the fastest growing companies producing premium coconut coal for hookah in the world.

Logo company manufacturer of coconut coal Shaman
Logo company manufacturer of coconut coal Shaman
Logo company manufacturer of coconut coal Shaman
Logo company manufacturer of coconut coal Shaman
Logo company manufacturer of coconut coal Shaman